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DAV Chapter 5 Veterans Service Center

Welcome to DAV Chapter 5 in Bremerton, WA. For over 100 years DAV5 has been helping veterans.

Last year we had over 2,400 visits from veterans, active duty, and family members seeking our help. To efficiently use your time, we provide FREE service-connected disability claim assistance by appointment only. NO UNSCHEDULED WALK-INS. We also provide claim service in Clallam and Jefferson counties. In Eastern Washington we provide services in Chelan County.

Need Help Filing a Service-Connected Disability

or Pension Claim?

If you are seeking help with a new claim, an appeal, or an increase in compensation and would like to schedule an appointment with a DAV-5 Chapter Service Officer, please scroll down and respond to the questions below that pertain to your current status.

VETERANS (not on active duty nor on terminal leave)      ACTIVE DUTY OR TERMINAL LEAVE?  Go here.         

1) Has DAV helped you before? If yes, when?

2) Have you ever filed a claim? If yes, what organization helped you or did you do it yourself?

3) Are you receiving compensation now? If so, what is your percentage rating?

4) Do you want to file for: 

       a. increase

       b. appeal, or

       c. a new condition you have never filed for.

5) Full name and phone number

6) Branch of service

7) Type/character of discharge

8) Month/Day/Year entered active duty and released from active duty

9) Did you serve in, or on the waters of, or air above:

       a. WWII

       b.  Korea War

       c. Vietnam, including Thailand, Laos, or Cambodia

       d. Korea DMZ from September 1967 through August 1971 

       e. Guam, American Samoa 1962 through July 1980, or Johnson Atoll 1972 through September 1977

       f. Gulf War I and II, Afghanistan, Iraq or any other Middle East locations.

10) City or county where you currently reside

Veterans email your answers to CSO Leif Bentsen at Leif will respond with information for a successful and smooth appointment.

Clallam and Jefferson Veterans can contact your local DAV5 service officer:

Port Townsend: CSO Paul Cahill,

Port Angeles/Sequim: CSO John Joseph,

Chelan Veterans can contact your local DAV5 service officer:

Wenatchee: CSO Ron Bruno, 509.679. 2359

We are staffing the Chapter 5 HQ telephone, 360-373-2397 during our normal business hours, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9am - 2pm..

We’re open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 9 am to 2 pm.  Closed on national holidays. Monthly chapter and auxiliary meetings are at 10:00 am on the 2d Saturday of the month, with a potluck lunch after the meetings

DAV Chapter 5 and Auxiliary are located at 4980 Auto Center Way. We have plenty of off-street parking. The West Bremerton Transit Center is a short walk away, and we’re on Kitsap Transit Route #20.


September Veterans Standdown Info

Help Finding Employment? Work!.


What does DAV-5 Do?

Disabled American Veterans, Chapter 5, is an all-volunteer group of people who are skilled at helping veterans and family members receive compensation for their service-related disabilities.  Read more...


Does DAV-5 Help Families?

Yes!  We regularly work with the family members of veterans. If you would like more information, please contact us at 360.373.2397 or


Does this work have a positive Impact on the community?

Absolutely. According to VA data, VA annually pays out around $250 million to veterans in our four county area for service-connected disabilities and pensions. We estimate that we are a large influence in getting those benefits to veterans based on the volume of applicants we’ve seen over the years.

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