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Following World War I, veterans were neglected by the US Government. The US Department of Veteran Affairs didn’t exist.  In 1920, veterans in Cincinnati, Ohio created Disabled American Veterans to help survivors of the Great War. 

Chapter 5, Bremerton received its charter from the national organization in 1922.

In 1974, DAV-5 settled into a former 30-year-old church on Burwell Street, created office space in the basement, and turned it into a veterans service center.  On October 7, 2019 DAV-5 opened its current facility at 4980 Auto Center Way.

Throughout several decades, DAV-5 has continued to provide advocacy for thousands of veterans from every walk in life, resulting in millions of dollars in benefits.

When disabled veterans finish their service, they can face obstacles when they seek the compensation, they have earned serving our Country.  Paperwork, red tape, and the complexities of the VA system can all stand in the way of a veteran receiving proper payment.  

Sometimes documents are missing and need to be recovered.  Sometimes paperwork needs to be completed in the proper order.  Some claims can take years, but DAV-5 stands with veterans all the way.  

DAV-5 has had great success in bringing compensation to the veterans we serve. 

We Believe In Community

DAV-5 and Auxiliary believe in community outreach through informational booths at the Lavender Festival, Kitsap Pride Festival, the Blackberry Festival, Stand Downs, the annual Veterans Day ceremony, and at county fairs in its four county area.  DAV-5 also offers its space for other organizations such as the International Order of Odd Fellows, the Marine Corps League, and a veterans AA group, which meets every Wednesday from 6 to 7:15 p.m.


Our facility at 4980 Auto Center Way, Bremerton.

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