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ACTIVE DUTY - Prepping for a Benefits Delivery at Discharge Claim

While in the military we were taught to endure the pain and accomplish the mission, which makes absolute sense to ensure we and our comrades survived.  

If you have less than a year left, now is the time to start thinking about you. 


If you have any medical or behavioral health issues that haven't been reported, seek treatment now and get them in your military medical records.  If you are suffering from PTSD, depression, anxiety, military sexual trauma (MST) and would prefer treatment outside the DoD system, call the nearest US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) Veterans Center Vet Centers (Readjustment Counseling) Home ( which can treat Active Duty personnel as well as veterans, national guard, and reservists.

When to file? 180 days or less, including terminal leave.

The ideal time is during the 180-90 day window. However regardless of how much time you have left, If you are stationed in Washington state, please contact our National Service Office in Seattle In the subject line of your email, write Active Duty Seeks Assistance.  In the body of your email include all your personal contact (24/7) information, terminal leave date, separation date, type and condition of discharge, and if you will be moving out of the area. 

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